QR stands for Quick Response. QR codes and barcodes confuse most people. The image below is an example of a QR code. It is not the same as a barcode. If you’re looking for a scanner to read barcodes, try searching for “barcode scanner app.” Barcodes normally have vertical lines with numbers underneath that represent the UPC product code.

Most recent phones and tables have a built-in “point-and-read” QR code reader app. The QR reader uses your device’s camera to do all the work. For more information on how to utilize the reader on your specific phone or device, visit our iOS QR code reader or Android QR code reader page.


QR codes are widely used in advertising. A mobile app scans and displays the code or information embedded in the QR label. Many QR readers bring the user directly to the advertiser’s website. This is one of the most effective types of targeted marketing because the website is displayed immediately after scanning the code. QR codes are often used for fundraising. For example, if you scan its code label, an advertiser might make a contribution to a particular charity or fundraising event.

The QR code was introduced in Japan in 1994 as an inventory tool for the automotive industry. The QR system became popular outside the automotive industry due to its fast readability and greater storage capacity compared to standard UPC barcodes. Applications include product tracking, item identification, time tracking, document management, and general marketing. Today it’s difficult to pick up a product in the supermarket without finding a QR code somewhere on the product label.

QR codes have become common in consumer advertising. Typically, a smartphone is used as a QR code scanner, displaying the code and converting it to some useful form such as a standard URL for a website. This eliminates the need for a user to type the URL or web address into a web browser. QR codes have become a focus of advertising strategy, since it provides a way to access a brand’s website more quickly than by manually entering a URL.

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