QR Code Readers

QR stands for “quick response.”  A QR code reader quickly scans a barcode and converts it to data or information. Technically the barcode is called a label. The scanner reads the label and either displays the information or takes you directly to a website, if the information happens to be a website URL.

The current QR code system began as a byproduct of the automotive industry. Bar code scanners were used in the automotive industry to inventory parts and supplies. Today there are two different types of bar code labels – the QR code and the common bar code. Most QR code readers can’t read product bar codes, and most bar code scanners can’t read QR code labels.

We offer a QR code reader for android and iOS systems. For more information on the code reader for your platform, visit our iOS QR Reader or Android QR reader web page. Our code reader for both Android and iOS use simple point-and-read technology.